What’s On – Auditions, Auditions and more Auditions 03/10/2016

auditions for SUMMER AND SMOKE // by TENNESSEE WILLIAMS // at the BT STUDIO // 19:30  // Tuesday-Saturday Week 6 Michaelmas // 15th-19th November 

New and returning Thespians and Crew-pians,
In 6th Week (15-19th November) at the Burton Taylor Studio, we’ll be putting on a student production of Tennessee William’s Summer and Smoke!

Auditions in 1st week


Life is full of little mercies like that, not big mercies but comfortable little mercies. And so we are able to go on.

Alma, a preacher’s daughter, and John, the carefree son of a doctor, have known each other since they were children, residing next door to each other in the small town of Glorious Hill, Mississippi at the turn of century.

The first UK performance of this tumultuous play in ten years, Summer and Smoke follows the lives of Alma and John as they grow up and learn that, sometimes, life has things in store for you that you just don’t expect.


>Auditions will be in 0th-1st Week at Brasenose College
>Email maan.al-yasiri@bnc.ox.ac.uk to get yourself a spot and exact dates and times will be sent out closer to term time.

>We need: stage hands, set builders, hair and make up artists, lighting designer, sound designer
>Please do email me if there is anything else crew wise that you’d like to get invovled with, we may be able to work out a role.


England. The king is dead, and his son Edward II now sits on the throne, full of radical ideas. The years that follow see a series of decisions from Edward that threaten to break the country apart, all a result of his lust-fuelled relationship with Piers Gaveston.  400 years on, DRAME FATALE’s production (Fahrenheit 451, Pilch TT16) takes inspiration from the tensions created by the fall of the USSR, which magnify the relationships between the public and private, and between the personal and political.

We are looking for a cast of 18-20. We are committed to inclusive casting regardless of experience or identity.

We are holding the first round of auditions on Wednesday and Friday of 1st week, and Sunday and Tuesday of 2nd week. Each audition is 20 minutes. We are asking auditionees to prepare a short Marlowe monologue, and if possible to have learnt it off by heart. Learning the piece off by heart will allow for greater flexibility and advantage during the audition.

Sign up for auditions here: http://doodle.com/poll/g69ztxvawrswce7t
Please make a note of what time and date your audition is!

Location TBC, to be posted on event when confirmed. Please email lucy.hayes@st-hughs.ox.ac.uk if you have any questions, or any special requirements for your audition – we’ll be happy to help.


‘What will I be now? Somebody’s servant. Sewing the names of my enemy’s children into their school shirts, arranging oven chips on a tray.’

The Trojan war is over. The Greeks have won, and all the men are slaughtered. The Trojan women await their fates to find out which Greek General they have been assigned to as concubine. Set in the mother-and-baby unit of a prison, gods, and ancient hierarches collide with a world of guns, television and iPhones. The result is boldly imaginative, provocative, and often uncomfortably comic.

We are looking for 3F and 2M to make up the main cast for a short and fairly intense rehearsal process. We are also looking for 2 actors for two short report style FILMS that frame the play- these will be pre-recorded and played as part of the final production. These roles require less commitment than the rest of the cast and also offer the opportunity to try/ follow any interest in on-screen acting. If you are explicitly/ only interested in these roles, then please say so when you arrive for audition.

SIGN UP FOR AN AUDITION SLOT HERE: http://doodle.com/poll/mpmmc6x6drp8wq52  Auditions will take place on Sunday of 1st week (9th October). Please make a note of your time. Auditions will be held at LMH, but exact location will be posted on event when confirmed. Actors should prepare a contemporary monologue for an informal and relaxed audition, and may be given an extract from the play to read. No previous experience is necessary.

We are also looking for a SET DESIGNER, COSTUME DESIGNER and TECH MANAGER. Please get in touch if you are interested in any of these roles.

Please email kate.bernstock@lmh.ox.ac.uk if you cannot make any of the times, have any questions, or require anything to assist your audition.

AUDITIONS for JEEVES & WOOSTER IN PERFECT NONSENSE // by P.G. WODEHOUSE // at the SIMPKINS LEE // 7.30pm and 2.30pm matinee (Sat) // Wednesday – Saturday 6th Week MT // 16th-19th November 2016

What ho! Ever fancied being in a Jeeves & Wooster production live on stage? Course you have, you silly sod!

‘Jeeves & Wooster in Perfect Nonsense’ is not only an hilarious play but also a fantastic opportunity for actors to play multiple roles. We are looking for 3 ACTORS (ALL MALE) to play BERTIE, JEEVES and SEPPINGS. The actors playing Jeeves and Seppings will be playing roughly 5 other roles each in the performance, transforming into aunts or fierce dictators at the drop of a hat.

AUDITION TIMES (all held at St Hilda’s)

5pm-10pm – Sunday 9th October (0th/1st Wk)

6pm-10pm – Monday 10th October (1st Wk)

6pm-10pm – Tuesday 11th October (1st Wk)

If you’d like to audition, please email our lovely producer Charli at jeevesandwoosteroxford@gmail.com to book a slot during the above times. The auditions will be 15 minutes long with callbacks later in the week and we will try everyone out in various different roles. No experience necessary, but bucket loads of enthusiasm encouraged!

More info about the production can be found on our website: www.jeevesandwoosteroxford.com
auditions for BANG BANG YOU’RE DEAD // by WILLIAM MASTROSIMONE // at the BT STUDIO // 9.30 PM // Tuesday – Saturday 8th Week MT // 29th November – 3rd December

“Everybody in this class is dead meat.”

Josh just killed his parents and five classmates. All because they flicked his switch once too many times.

William Mastrosimone’s award-winning play explores the frighteningly common phenomenon of American school shootings. Through a series of flashbacks, Bang Bang You’re Dead explores the turbulent landscape of a teenager’s mind to tell a story of bullying, jealousy and striving for attention.

Written in the wake of actual shootings, Mastrosimone cuts to the heart of this all-too-familiar tragedy, understanding the truth of the present to try and prevent more in the future.

We are looking for 2 more male actors to join our fantastic cast of 7 in this exciting and visceral production. With a minimalistic set and a round seating plan, we hope to bring out the intensity and power of Mastrosimone’s controversial text, which rarely gets put on outside of the US.

Auditions will be taking place on Monday and Tuesday of 1st MT (10th & 11th September), with rehearsals starting at the beginning of 4th week. For more information and to book an audition slot, please email bangbangoxford@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you!



Dates is an original comedy sketch show written by student Rebecca Heitlinger satirising the trials and tribulations of dating in the modern age. From ‘Tudor Tinder’ to topical satire and everything in between, Dates comprises 12 extremely varied sketches. We are look for 4 versatile, comic actors (2 F and 2 M) to join our cast. Auditions will take place on Sunday and Monday evening of 1st week. Auditionees will be sent script extracts to prepare beforehand.  No prior experience necessary! Please email Charlie at datessketchshow@gmail.com to book an audition.

Auditions for ILLUMINATED // bidding for Keble O’Reilly// 1st week Hilary 2017 


  1. light up.
  2. help to clarify or explain.

QuicksanDance, who brought you Ten Duets on a theme of Proximity (BT, MT 2015) are launching their new project and looking for 6-7 dancers. This project will continue to explore the narrative potential of contemporary dance in an attempt to bridge the gap between dance and theatre, but this time also bringing in an exciting synthesis of plot and atmosphere with light and technology. There will be a lot of workshop-based exploration of the ideas so we are looking for committed and expressive performers (not restricted to contemporary style, any dance styles and strengths are welcomed, as it will add to the texture of the production).

AUDITIONS will be held across two sessions, on either Tuesday and Wednesday of 1st week (11th and 12th October) from roughly 10-12:30am– you do not need to prepare anything beforehand, but please come wearing appropriate clothing

To sign up for auditions please fill out: https://goo.gl/forms/2i0DLYfRhQsWzvkT2 and we will get back to you with more details

Please email: chris.burr@univ.ox.ac.uk with any queries – if you are unable to make either slot, then we may be able to arrange an extra session


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