What’s On – Auditions 01/11/16


We’re looking for a cast of 7 main characters, plus an ensemble who will take on the roles of minor characters for this very exciting piece of new writing. We’re also looking for some dancers.

Rehearsals for the production will begin at the end of Michaelmas and from -1 week of Hillary to be ready for 5th week.

Auditions will be Friday and Saturday of 5th week, with callbacks on the Sunday.

To book an audition slot please email lucy.coupe@mansfield.ox.ac.uk stating whether you’re interested in a singing/acting audition, and/or a dancing audition. Please prepare a song to perform.

auditions for BANG BANG YOU’RE DEAD // by WILLIAM MASTROSIMONE // at the BT STUDIO // 9.30 PM // Tuesday – Saturday 8th Week MT // 29th November – 3rd December

“Everybody in this class is dead meat.”

Josh just killed his parents and five classmates. All because they flicked his switch once too many times.

William Mastrosimone’s award-winning play explores the frighteningly common phenomenon of American school shootings. Through a series of flashbacks, Bang Bang You’re Dead explores the turbulent landscape of a teenager’s mind to tell a story of bullying, jealousy and striving for attention.

Written in the wake of actual shootings, Mastrosimone cuts to the heart of this all-too-familiar tragedy, understanding the truth of the present to try and prevent more in the future.

Due to a drop out, we are looking for 1 more male actor to join our fantastic cast of 7 in this exciting and visceral production. With a minimalistic set and a round seating plan, we hope to bring out the intensity and power of Mastrosimone’s controversial text, which rarely gets put on outside of the US.

Auditions will be taking place across 4th week. For more information and to book an audition slot, please email bangbangoxford@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you!


Jason Robert Brown’s The Last Five Years is being performed at the Michael Pilch Studio this 6th week. To warm you up for the show we are doing a Jason Robert Brown scratch night in fourth week, and we need applications from people who want to perform. Please email leo.munby@wadh.ox.ac.uk or charlotte.vickers@pmb.ox.ac with an idea of what you’d like to sing if you’re interested!

Auditions for As You Like // Corpus

“Men are April when they woo, December when they wed.”

An exiled duke; a runaway in disguise; a wise fool. Court intrigue, mistaken identity and unrequited love bring all these and more together in the Forest of Arden. Romance, humour, and a cast of memorable characters earn this play’s reputation as one of Shakespeare’s most famous and popular works.

In 3rd week of Trinity Term 2017, Corpus Christi plays host to the college’s Quincentenary production of As You Like It. Directed by professionals, John Retallack and Renata Allen, this an opportunity not to be missed.

Auditions will take place on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of 4th week, with callbacks on Wednesday and Thursday of the following week. Please prepare one Shakespearean monologue of your choice to perform from memory, as well as one unlearnt piece taken from the play. Auditions will last no longer than 15 minutes – to book a slot please email oxfordasyoulikeit@gmail.com with your preferred time and at least two alternatives. Musical talent is desirable but not required.

We are also looking for crew members to join the team in the following capacities: production manager, stage manager, set designer, costume designer, technical assistants. To arrange an interview please get in touch using the email address above.

Auditions for London Road by Alecky Blythe and Adam Cork // Keble O’Reilly // 3rd Week Hilary (31st Jan – 5th Feb 2017)

Queenside Productions (Pawn, EdFringe 2016), are looking for 6m and 5f talented actor/singers for London Road.

The result of a week of playwrighting and composition workshops at The National, and an extended work of verbatim theatre, London Road falls somewhere between opera, drama, and musical theatre, with an incredibly challenging score that matches exactly the speech patterns of residents of London Road, Ipswich. Rarely performed by students, the piece represents an immense challenge in that its music resembles individual recitative layered on top of one another, and therefore demands a high level of musicianship from its actors.

Exploring the true story of a community rebuilt after finding out a mass murderer lived on their doorstep for ten weeks, London Road is a fresh take on the 2006 Ipswich murders, a story that – ten years on – is still painfully relevant:


Auditionees should be prepared to sing something that showcases their voice in RP or an English regional accent, and also prepare a short modern monologue.

Email londonroad.musical@gmail.com to register your interest and to book a slot in 5th week, and please also feel free to email questions to that address.


“No, we’re people who don’t exist. Or rather, people who used to exist, but don’t any more. This place is for the people who fell through the cracks of humanity… for those who have walked the world but left no trace.”

From the company who brought you ‘Richard II’ at the Keble O’Reilly:

‘Traceless’ is an inventive short film which plans to shoot over the Christmas vac (-1st week/0th week likely). Dealing with themes of loneliness, grief and alienation, the film follows two figures as they are set adrift in a world of limbo. With no one else around, they must answer a very difficult question: is a world with no people one worth living in? In applying the Fallen Tree Paradox to the entirety of humanity, ‘Traceless’ takes a thoughtful look at why we place so much emphasis on the value of human connection.

We are now looking for 1M and 1F to fill the cast. Sign up form here:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScZVuxuiF499n2AZ4ezqQ624K5FtUybxMHf5E_qVwv7POCV3g/viewform

Auditions will be around 10 minutes in length. Once you have contacted us we will send you an excerpt from the script for you to prepare – you will also have the option to perform a monologue.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact cadmiumproductions@gmail.com

AUDITIONS // Oxford Revue Virgin Audrey // 5th & 6th Nov

Ever wanted to try out comedy live on stage in front of a lovely Oxford crowd?

Come audition for the Oxford Revue’s Virgin Audrey – a comedy variety night designed entirely for new performers!

Anyone can audition, even if its not the first time you’ve done comedy. As long as you’ve not performed with the Revue before, we’d love to see you! Whatever comedy you want to perform, be it sketch, stand-up or something somewhere in the middle, prepare about 5-10 minutes and come along!

Auditions will be held the 5th/6th November – send an email to oxrevue@gmail.com to book a slot, and make sure you’re free for the actual show!

— The Virgin Audrey itself will be at 8pm, Tues 8th November —

Fb event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1116579708424812/?notif_t=plan_user_joined&notif_id=1477766003769903

Auditions for MARAT/SADE // By Peter Weiss // KEBLE O’REILLY // 7th WEEK HILARY

Sign up for auditions using your email address here:  http://doodle.com/poll/ud6xnr9a252amf6e

“What’s the point of a revolution
without general
copulation copulation copulation”

The Marquis de Sade directs the inmates of the Charenton Asylum in a play depicting the assassination of revolutionary Jean-Paul Marat, yet as the show continues, the performance of revolution becomes all too real.

The team behind ‘Mercury Fur’(HT16) and ‘A Clockwork Orange(MT16) brings you a spectacular, absurd piece of theatre promising everything from an army of clowns to bloodied cabbages.

Auditions will be held in St.Peter’s College from the 2nd to the 5th November. Please prepare a short modern monologue to perform and play around with.

WED: 10-2
THURS: 3-5:30
FRI: 10-2
SAT: 10-2

We are looking for enthusiastic actors from all years to take part in an energetic performance including clowning, chorus work and some musical ability (!NO PRIOR MUSICAL ABILITY REQUIRED!). The play will also contain moments of stylised violence and scenes of sexual nature.

If you have any questions please email contact@barricadearts.com

Director – Marcus Knight-Adams

Producer – Jonny Danciger

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