New Writing Festival

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS // OUDS New Writing Festival HT17

The annual OUDS New Writing Festival is putting out a call for scripts for this year’s competition. There are three categories:

~Best New Script~

Four scripts will be selected to be produced at the BT studio in 5th week Hilary. These scripts should be of maximum length one hour and have a maximum cast of nine.

~Best New Single Scene~

We are looking to select six single scenes for the opening gala which last year was held in the Michael Pilch Studio. This has been a monologue category in the past, so we are particularly inviting monologues, but we would be delighted to receive complete scenes of up to 15 minutes in length with any cast size. Scenes or monologues from scripts that are being submitted to the Best New Script award MAY be submitted simultaneously to this category.

~Best New Play for Voices~

This category is for plays that are designed to be heard not seen. These will be recorded in Hilary by a full cast of up to five, and at a maximum length of one hour.

You are welcome to send as many scripts as you wish in any or all categories. Please email all scripts in PDF form to AND with the category or categories you are entering in the subject line. Please give us your preferred email contact, your name and your college in the body of the email. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you remove all traces of your name from the script before sending and save it under an undistinguished title, e.g. NWF17, as this way we can judge the competition anonymously.

The deadline is 11.59 on Friday of 10th week MT (16-12-16). GOOD LUCK!

A note on North Wall submissions:

We are taking simultaneous submissions, but in the event that your script is chosen for the North Wall summer slot we would ask you to withdraw your script from the New Writing competition.

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